Jimmy Savile my Grandmothers story.

I found out recently that my grandmother Joan and my late¬†grandfather Les lived next door to Savile back in the 1950’s.My mother Ann and my late auntie Barbara were children at the time.Savile lived there with his mother to whom he called “The Duchess”.There was no hint of any allegation of sexual abuse back then according to the media these first surfaced in 1959,although im not saying there was any before that.My family got on with them well,my grandfather was a keen gardener and used to tend to their garden on many occasions.My mother used to run errands for them to the local shops.Savile was a popular charactor in the local community and worked as a dance hall manager in Leeds.My grandmother didn’t tell me much more she keeps here views to herself and doesn’t judge people,it was suprising news for myself to find out the link between my family an the Savile’s.

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New Season My View #lufc

So as i write this we are four games into the new season.What do i think.?.A solid start has been made against the teams we have played,The atmosphere at ER is much more positve.We have a new team that needs time to gel.Although the squad is smaller than previous seasons,we have signed players on permanent deals instead of the loans we have been used to.The

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Understanding My Depression.

My names Steve and im suffering from depression.Ive made the first big step and admitted it,im not going into detail why im suffering,lets just say a period of events over the last year have brought me to this state of mental health.I understand it more so now than i have ever done in the past and realise what a serious illness this can be.Im recieving the professional help i need to recover from my illness,im totaly amazed by the help and understanding their is out there.Although on a sad note their is stiil alot of ignorance,Ive had comments like”your just in a mood,snap out of it”.A bit about me,im a happy go lucky guy that works hard and plods his way through lifes path to the best of his ability,im not perfect,WHO IS ?..That person has gone for now and has been replaced by one shrouded in darkness.Ive upset and hurt people close to me with my constant mood swings,i never meant to do,my depression is the cause,They understand now i have admitted and shared my current situation,I hope they forgive me.Writing my thoughts down is helping also sharing them is helping me too.To conclude this piece I would like to say,if you are¬†feeling down and on the verge of depression,get the help you need to recover.Thankyou for taking the time to read this and please feel free to share it.

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